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Originally Posted by going_home View Post
Anyone know where I can get a lever clamping feedneck for my new Micromag
2000 ?[/url]
Hmmm, not new, but I know how to make one relatively simply (I did in on one of my F/X STOs).


-Buy a childrens bicycle seat at Wally World ($10)

-Buy a screw-clamping feedneck (I used the stock one)

-Dremel out the threads on the feedneck

-Remove the clamp from the bike seat, and bend to diameter of feedneck

-Trim clamp down to desired size, and file the hinge from square to round

-Set clamp linkage in the feedneck ring, and screw it on

Obviously you'll need to adjust the process depending on the type of feedneck you use, or the strength you want the clamp to be, but if you take your time it'll turn out very nicely.

Try to look for a bike seat with an aluminum clamp. Most are aluminum, but since you're dealing with childrens seats, sometimes you'll run across plastic. I found an aluminum one at Wallmart, and AcidRainPB matched it almost exactly to the PTP factory anno (which is pretty damn impressive).
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