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LOL yes fellas, my video was staged

For some reason, I always get tons of requests to do a "Walmart Paintball Gun Review Show". I absolutely refused to actually spend the time or money to buy that garbage sitting on the shelves and try to review it.

So when I finally got a FN303 (which I've been searching for, for nearly a year), I decided to combine the unboxing for the FN303 with the stupid WalMart show requests, and make it a joke video to have some fun.

While the video was a joke, the fact that I own one is not. I've got access to quite a bit of AGD parts and stuff, and my gut feeling tells me that we can easily get this to fire first strike rounds at 290fps, we just need to reduce the volume with a delrin insert or something like it.

The problem is too much volume. You can't reduce pressure to get the gun to cycle properly, so that leaves keeping the pressure the same but reducing the volume. It's going to be a fun project, I can't wait :-)
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