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Just an FYI good folks of MCB if you didnt already know I do machining, and Im pretty mean on the lathe as of late. Ive made many sorts of designs, here is a selection of a bunch of ones i havent lumped into any catagory as of yet.


2k+ Sniper kit, new style milling, dished and contoured nose, XL Guide rod with no side play. - $40

Used PGP bolt action bolt.... was from my PGP but I used the gun for a build - $10

Custom pumps run on a case by case basis, but any where from $25 and Up.

Got a project post here and Ill quote it out. Ill work in almost any available material.. but for the love of god dont try to kill me. Copper is out, and as are any other "hazardous to machine material"

Examples of custom pump awsomenes:

The last of a dieing breed.... a 2012 made ECAP PhUCK with an inlayed pump handle

Tommy Gun MVP Pump

Thompson Sheridan Grip with Rails!

Simple KP handle

2013 KT handle with Integrated magnetic 12 gram retention

More MVP swag

MVP handles!

Thompson Fore grip pump with rails for sheridan

PA Phoon Pump

Inlayed pump with funky milling

Aluminum Phantom pump milled for larger barrels, gargoyle frame and decepticon logo inlay.

Aluminum Sterling pump with a delrin core.

Simple ECAP style KP pump

Sterling Undercocking Kit

Slotted phantom pumps

Inlayed Trilogy Kit

Inlayed Sniper pump with deep grooves

Randoms... Pump for some pump a5 conversion, and a clone of my Timmy Pump pump handle for a sniper I think

MVP Vertical Handle......You MCB guys are slacking this one is for a PBN customer.

Other MVP handles

Stubby PGP length RTP

HMM'ed KP handle

Duel Rod Sniper Kit on my personal gun

Hand lettered stock and zebra pumps

Vertical Pump

Albino pump with stablizer rod... later the owner dyed it rainbow

UL'ed Ecap kit

Extended Duck slide (sadly missing some where)

Low boy sterling pump

Another hand lettered one

Awsome freak show here.... converted a shroud to a pump

How about a vertical modded stock phantom one?

Phantom UCK with square pump

Timmy Pump

Phantom Over Cocker

RTP style cut for a KP

More awsomeness. A PGP vertical pump handle... I liked this one so much I am making myself one too.

Does a extended bolt count as a pump?


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