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Originally Posted by B.R. View Post
funny you should ask...
got this from ebay. the seller took the barrel off the gun inserted both in a padded mailer. (nothing else wrapping them, no extra tape)
and sent them parcel post from california to pennsylavania.
scratched the **** out of it and damaged the feedneck. could have been worse it was just starting to poke out of the envelope
I got 2 barrels sent to me loose like that in a padded envelope. i walk into my building entrance way and see a padded envelope on the floor & think its for one of the other apartments. It was face down so i pick it up to see who its for. as soon as i pick it up, i hear "clank clank". I think to myself this can't be... yep its is the barrels i bought. ugh

btw was there concrete mix in the envelope???
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