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I for one was a bit surprised to see that Sophia had been zombiefied. I thought that she had a tough enough upbringing with her abusive father (and the implied sexual abuse by the same man) without offering her up to Rick's magnum.
The part I really liked was how everyone in Rick's group found that whacking zombified people you don't have any personal relationship to was easy, almost fun, and how that all changed when one of their own walked out and had to be put down. Ouch! The irony!
Eric, I hate Laurie too, I'd really like to see her get her come-uppance. Perhaps a threesome with Shane and Rick "high-fiving" over her back as the story lines seem to have moved in that direction, and then a nice zombification and a creative 'Zombieland' put-down, perhaps with a piano?

We should start wagering and setting odds on the plotline.
The red-neck and Sophia's mom hook up and start up the first post-apocalyptic meth lab?

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