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how Big are your Balls? (ball sizers inside)

So, after some trial and error, I finally have a product that's nice enough to sell:

I present the "Marathon" ball sizer. This was designed by me, specifically for the man himself.

Small bore and Large bore shown. Custom sizes and increments available.

To promote readability, the back is sandblasted to make the part significantly less translucent. Then the laser engraving is done into the bottom of the part. This makes the front side very high contrast and clear, but the back is low contrast and hard to read... This alleviates the 30 seconds a dyslexic person (like myself) will spend trying to read the measurements backwards.

These are made to order in any size and with whatever labeling you would like. Accuracy is verified +-.001 using certified plug gages... These will be more accurate than your barrel bores.

I want to stress that I dedicated a lot of time into making this part "good design" in the traditional sense (without using helvetica!). Every facet and feature makes the part nicer and easier to use.

It would be an excellent addition to every gearbag.

Prices include shipping and are subject to change.

One: 14
Two: 27

Additional charge for customization: 6

2/24/12 UPDATE: Meet the new Blueberry Ball Sizer:

Made out of a deceptively dark translucent purple. I mostly wanted to do a project with the material, and it aligned with a custom sizer that I designed for another customer.

price... 27

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