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Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
my assumption was always that SP did it in the freak so that they could machine the backs to poorer tolerances and still have them functional. dunno, having bored barrels this seems like it might be more work than it's worth.
Actually if you read the patent it's to allow room for the expansion of the barrel insert.... but yeah that's obviously a bunch of horse poo.

I'm not personally a fan of plain old bored barrels. It really has nothing to do with your boring skills (you're at the top of my list if I were to get one done) it's just the crappy tolerances of the inserts. With the 3+ kits I've gone through (as well as SS and brass inserts) I still have a bunch of varying OD's and some stick and others are too loose and pull into the breech in some of my pumps. I've also bought several bored barrels with inserts terribly stuck in them. Because the problems I stick to the o-ringed barrels.

I dunno why the naysayers. I see no reason not to offer it as an option if you can do it well. If they don't want the o-ring grooves then they don't have to get them. Still.... even given my preference I honestly don't think the investment is worth it. Also note that you might be getting into patent infringement territory but since it's just a modification to an existing product (on a small scale) I think you'd be ok.

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