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Not completed, pictures to follow

Monkey Grip:

From O-ring Monkey

*** Oring Kits Paintball Marker O Ring Kits***

This stuff is kind of amazing. It's not posted on the site, so just give them a call.

How it all happened:

Last year when I asked David (owner) for a sponsorship, he sent me more items than what I expected. Oring kit, Monkey Poo grease,stickers etc. One thing that caught my eye were these rolls of tape like stuff.

It was sticky and very corse. So I decided to give David a call and ask about it. He told me it was a new item he was testing out and didn't sell much of it. He explained to me how to use it and what it's purpose was.

What does it do:

Well to be honest it "GIVES YOU THE GRIP FROM HELL" I have had my grip shot while this stuff was on it. Even with paint all over this stuff, I still had and maintained a "NO SLIP GRIP".

I have had paint on my gloves from wiping away pint in a resurection game and still unable to make my grip slip in any way.


When I mention the word "STICKY", and the "PREMADONNAS" see it, their little "AGG PANTIES GET ALL BUNDLED INTO A WAD". This stuff is sticky,but will not leave a residue when removed from your precious little "My gun matches with my gear" marker.

It will adhear to almost whatever you wrap it around and is also self adhearing to itself.


I've been limited on what I've wrapped this around. I have used it on Regulator covers, forgrips on my SP1, regulators on my guns. For those pesky Hoppers that don't want to stay in place in the feed neck after being locked in, I put a little around the feed neck of the hopper. Once it's locked in place with the feed, It's not moving anywhere.

Great alternative for electrical tape around the hopper feed.

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