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Got some details. There are a few maybes that I will not post until they are definite.
Pump will remain 3 man. BPS would like to eventually do 5man, but we need to step it up with attendance (my words, not theirs). Event pricing will be as follows; Event 1-4 will be $150 per team. Event 5 (B.ON.E.) will be $195. It will be a standalone event and open to all. Franchise opportunities will be open for pump teams. You pay for the full season up front and get quite a few discounts. Pump franchise is $599 and must be paid before the first event registration deadline. You essentially get the fifth event free.
Franchise teams also get $10 off for tournament level paint at events, save $5 per player at team practices, rotation discounts, $10 discount for open play, and a minimum of 10% off on most pro shop purchases.
This covers what we get without effort on our part. Now onto the next level. With 8 teams registered, 1st place team gets free entry next event and 3 cases of event paint. and second place gets free entry.
BPS is also possibly instituting awards for most improved teams and sportsmanship.
any other questions?

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