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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
In a perfect world, I'd throw on a stab, but since this a $10 gun outta somebody's garage it just isn't gonna have that much dumped into it. Looks like I have a bolt like yours, maybe I'll try to remove the venturi piece, that makes some sense.
The Spyder I have the Stab on was $10 as well. Apparently it was "broken" but just needed new o-rings. I put a $25 SP Progressive barrel on it and a $80 used Stab. But I understand not wanting to spend that much. A guy I know at the local field was selling it almost brand new and the price was right, so I picked it up.

The venturi part was hard to remove. Otter SC Customs showed to use a long thin pair of needle-nose pliers, but I had none that would work. So I used 2 nails held tight in a pair of vice-grip pliers to twist it out. Still took a lot of force. It was in there pretty good, with a bit of loc-tite I think. You might want to try some heat on it to loosen it up.

Obviously polishing the internals is a cheap and effect way to lower your pressure a bit. The issue I have with lowering pressure right now is getting the FPS up. My Spyder will recock to as low as 300 psi, but it needs 500 psi to shoot at 275. I have an extra valve and valve stem, so I might try working on them a bit.
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