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The wife and I did make it out last night, with none of the other friends and family that said "sure, we'd love to go!" Of course, I learned a long time ago that if you wait for everyone else who says they want to go play paintball, you will be waiting to play paintball for a very long time. But we went, and saw Stumpy, and timmycuddler, and Wes from the Muddy Water Boys up in Nebraska (he's on here, but I forget his user ID, my brain just no worky this morning) who was sporting an awesome '97 'cocker-bodied, stick-feed Sniper. KO, if you were there, bud, I didn't spot you and vice versa, which is okay, I know that life interferes with all of our plans.

The economy must be picking up because Jaeger's was PACKED all night long. The downside to that was with a larger population present, there was a higher incidence of wipers and overshooters. The other downside was that "target-rich environment" barely scratches the surface of how many players were on the field at any given time. But, the wife and I stretched 1,000 paintballs to 4 and a half hours of playtime for both of us, and while we had some bad moments, it was pretty enjoyable over all.

And my wife is so hooked on paintball. Jaeger's has made up some shirts that say "Paintball is Like Love" on the front and "Sometimes it Hurts" on the back, and she made me buy her one as her Valentine's Day present. In addition, she's already got her pink fade Infinity Legend (watch out guys - her joy of joys in paintball is marking out us big tough guys with her pink marker to embarrass us), and we'll be getting her a pink CCM T2 at some point.

Overall, a decent day of paintball, good to see so many folks out to play, and I hope everyone got home safe on the nasty roads of KC last night.
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