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your dye rotor on t2 has any issue?

i used dye rotor hopper on my t2. i noticed that i had more chopping paint on t2. i used same dye rotor hopper on my geo2 without any issue. fyi, i've used proto primo loader on t2 then i seems have less chopping paints but not perfect yet.

i wonder if you have used dye rotor hopper on your t2 without chopping paints issue?

did i get wrong size feedneck for my dye rotor because it is too short?

btw, three different people had suggested the same advice that i should have used the viewloader revolution c.a.t. without forcing to feed the paints. i assume it has nothing to do with feedback, right?

then why geo2 could achieve with dye rotor that t2 could not achieve with dye rotor on mine?
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