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Max'd out Ion F/T! Bring me poppets!

After looking everything over I found I'll be able to afford a new Etek + Emortal board by the end of the summer so I've decided to keep this. Please close.

My rules
1. No selling
2. Don't criticize what I want, I'm not expecting any massive payout
3. I will not ship first as this is my only marker and I'm going to play any time now.
4. We each pay our own shipping as to avoid potentially scamming one another.

Okay, I have my super Ion here for trade. What would make me a VERY happy man would be any Etek or Ego in good condition, otherwise bring me any poppet that isn't a blowback and is current PSP tourney legal.

Problems: Bad eye wires, when you reassemble it you have a 50/50 chance of the eyes working. If these aren't replaced by the time you trade then I will get a harness ordered right to your very own doorstep.

List of upgrades:
TechT L7 bolt
Virtue Oled (Comes with the original tin box, manual, and anti static bag along with the stock board)
Punishers PB frame (Comes with the stock frame)
Evil detonator reg (The stock one is DEAD so you don't get that)
Generic On/Off ASA (The stock one has a broken fitting stuck on so your choice)
SP 360 QEV
SP Q lock feedneck (the stock stovepipe is not included)

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