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Ok i will finish my post from before (i had a work phone call and didnt get to complete what i wanted to say and why it took me about 10 minutes to write 2 paragraphs lol)

So first off you should be commended for trying to improve paintball in your area - im sure it would be easier for you to just stop or put up with what you have until you rotate out.

I dont know what your situation is like - it sounds like you have been there for a while and i dont know how much longer you will be there, or if your position is a more permanent one.
Have you considered applying for a posting to run the paintball field, or at least work there - fight from the inside - again i dont know how realistic that is

If you can find people who feel the same as you or if you can persuade others that it is something worthwhile, even though they might not see the benefits.
If you can get people organised and active I am sure that you can make changes

I am ex RNZAF, but i have no idea how your system works for the MWR, but usually there is a Regular Force Officer in charge. If they arent interested then you need to go over their head to their OIC. It might not be a very high priority task for them so you may need to give it some time. you need to follow proper procedures and have all your information as complete and accurate as possible (which you probably already know, but just stating the obvious)
Without more knowledge on how your system works - its a bit hard to make suggestions - and what i would be be able to do might not be applicable to you.

Good luck with your endeavors, hopefully you will get some good suggestions from someone who actually knows a bit about the process you need to go through (usually i dont like to comment on something which i dont know - better to get 2 or 3 post from people who actually know what they are talking about rather than 50 posts with useless info - i suspect mine might be one of the latter)
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