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Re-Did my studio and built a new shooting table

So, for those of you who had seen my old studio setup knew it was cluttered and the shooting table not terribly large. It worked great, but for anything longer (like a sheridan or rifle) it was tough to get what I considered nice pictures.

Here's what it looked like:

And the table:

Recently we took down all of the glass shelves, patched the holes and repainted. This gave me a blank canvas with which to start and I decided to go ahead and build a shooting table I had been thinking about for some time. With my old one, it was a pain to take portraits of any kind because it required me to take the whole table down or out of the way. I wanted to have a table I could fold up out of the way.

So, I took the new blank wall and devised a plan:

I had an old desk top from a desk we tore down laying in the garage. It was the right width and depth to make a shooting table. I used stud finder and found 4 studs that would work for me. I went to home depot and had them cut me two boards 56" long. I primed and painted them to match the wall:

I took measurements and then used 9 2" coarse threaded screws to mount one of the 56" boards to the bottom side of the desk top. I came down from the top on purpose. Then I used the board to draw me a level line on the wall for where I would mount the second 56" board.

Once I had the studs marked, I drilled some pilot holes and then screwed 8 3" coarse threaded screws into 4 studs. Because of the odd placement of the studs, I had to mount the board 3" off center. Not enough to can really notice. Once I had the board mounted, I screwed in 4 door hinges over the studs for more of a secure mount.

Once that was done, I went back to the desk top. I then propped the table up on the board mounted to the wall and had my wife measure the two cut pieces from the 56" boards. I cut these down for legs and used the remnants of the two blocks at each end, 2" in. One on the right and one on the left. I set the one on the left back a full 2x4 width. I then put a third block in the middle. Once that was done, I mounted two more hinges to those blocks and then the legs to the hinges. This gave me folding legs. The middle block was for the ends to rest one. I also crudely screwed a couple pieces of rubber backed carpet to the ends of the legs to keep from scratching the wood floors.


After that, I then mounted the desk top to the board along the wall and screwed the hinges to the board under the desk top.
Here it is collapsed against the wall:

Here it opened up:

I put down some extra foam core I had. Kinda had to piece it together. Then used some PVC I had left from my old table for the background support.

The next part is a secret.

Here's the first pic I took on it. I wanted something long that I couldn't take pics of (easily) on my smaller table:

Took me part of last night and most of today to prep, paint and mount everything. Total cost for the everything was $35 INCLUDING the paint (mis-mix from Lowes). Right now, I'm pretty happy with it. Still plan on a set of background stands and some Muslins.
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