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I'm currently outfitting the "second generation" of Phantom users in my family. I've been a faithful user since 1987, and have accumulated quite a hoarde of Mike's ingenious design over the years. This in itself, allows me the luxury of assembling a gun and handing it to one of my children and letting them play with it to see how they like it. They all have personal prefrences, and they're all different sizes, so it's interesting as to how their preference turns out. I then buy them the Phantom of their choice for their 10th birthday in the color and configuration of their choice. They're 13, 11 and 10. The 13 year old prefers a RSC with an .45 grip, the 11 year old started with the M-16 grip VSC, but spied an old Smartparts wood grip in the parts box and is now running that on hers. My son is a VSC with a .45 grip that he just recieved yesterday. (THANKS TITUS!)

I've spent a lot of time and text messages this week telling a friend about this gun's history, why it is a superior and an ingenious design, and the benefits of the modular design, heck you can convert this gun to satisfy anyone, and in regards to performance and quality it can't be beat.
There's a reason that it's been production since '87.
You can spend more, but you get far less.
This, is the genius of Mike's design.
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