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Originally Posted by Pillowfire View Post
Gun is ugly. Looks like every other speedball gun out there, except it's pump action, so it's worse. I can't see what innovations this thing has that make it stand out from other pump guns in performance. Any improvements in internals would hardly be noticable if you have to pump it after every shot.

This is one thing I never get. Every
Year paintball technology improves incrementally. Things get smaller, simpler, more efficient. But the guns don't evolve. They still look like some alien zappy ray gun, still have a bulky hopper up top (you would think a pump gun might benefit from a magazine feed considering it lends itself to a conservative play style), and in this case, the makers didn't even try to hide the air line in the grip.

Wonder how much it costs.
The looks of the final version are still unknown, so that is up in the air. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I have seen the ins and outs of many, many different markers and none are leaps and bounds ahead of any other, they all send the same paintball, the same distance. The evolution of the technology in paintball honestly went stale, in my opinion anyways, around 2002, after that things were just new versions of something old and they got either lighter or prettier.

This marker IS the biggest innovation to hit the Sniper platform. The Sniper platform BTW is a staple of the pump world, along with the Nelson (Sheridan can be lumped into the Sniper as they internally function the same, so don't string me up brass enthusiasts haha). Its as far away from what we are used to while still remaining the same without it being a totally new marker. The Sniper (or WGP Autococker with a pump kit as many know it) will always be popular in paintball just like Muscle Cars will always be popular in the automotive world, there hasn't been a good one since 2004 and CCM is at the forefront of keeping these markers alive for us enthusiasts.

Although your opinion is valuable, I feel its very biased towards being against pump play to start so they way you present it should thought over well, you basically just crapped all over it. I have used a Sniper against all forms of player and marker setups and I have never felt I had an inferior piece of equipment. High ROF can make things easier but shot to shot consistency is the nostcinportant thing you can ask for when you actually need to aim and not just shoot and move the rope of paint onto what your shooting, that is rarely effective compared to one well placed shot on an unsuspecting opponent.

I would rather have the most consist ant pump gun you can possibly have than just something that works. Saying "its only a pump, just make paintballs come out of the end" just doesn't cut it if you want to actually play pump and not just tell all your paintball buddies you have a pump gun so they think your LEET Snipsorzzzz!

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