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Ok... I am working on collecting funds toward a laser engraver for a few future projects.

On that note, I am going to make a one time good deal...

I am placing 25 inserts, of any size, up for sale at the normal price, but I will cover the shipping. When these are gone, the deal is over. The sooner this happens, the better it is for everyone. As an added bonus, if this happens within the next two weeks, and people wish to wait a little while longer (approximately 2 weeks to account for shipping and setup time), I will engrave the size using the new laser engraver.

I will be counting down the orders in this thread and in my signature.

If this doesn't make sense, please excuse me, I am working on next to no sleep.


Current Status:
TimmyCuddler - 1x.685 - Paid - Ship ASAP
Dr. VonDeafingson - 2x.665, 2x.670 - Paid - Laser on size
Cruickid - 1x.665, 1x.678 - Paid - Ship ASAP

shopnow - 1x.680 - Paid - Laser on size
Feyd - 1x.680 - Paid - Laser on size
Sean_Chip - 1x.678, 1x.680, 1x.685 - Paid - Laser on size
Artguy63 - 1x.670 - Paid - laser on size
pghp8ntballer - 1x.675 - Paid - Laser on size
Dr PhunkyPants - 1x.685 - Paid - Laser on size
IndustrialHalo - 1x.670, 1x.675 - Paid - Laser on size

Chiko - 1x.670, 2x.675, 1x.678, 2x.680, 2x.685 - Paid - Undetermined on lasering
PyschoDad - 1x.670 - Paid - ???

Total sold 25 paid/0 unpaid/0 remaining of 25 total

<Professor Hubert Farnsworth voice>Good news everyone! The laser engraver is on order. My birthday netted me a bit of cash, so I covered the difference between the sale and the price. So unlike my last crew... What was I saying?</voice>

<Professor Hubert Farnsworth voice>Better news everyone!</voice>
The laser has been found by UPS and delivered to me. I have unboxed it and there appears to be no damage. I will hopefully get a few minutes this weekend to set it up and try it out, though work is killing me.

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Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock available!

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