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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
So what do you have on the FS barrels? Ton of open porting? Muzzle brake? Non ported barrel?
Still doing testing when we've got time... so far the best for a rifled barrel seems to be just running it completely non-ported (i.e. just a thread cover). It's loud but there's nothing to interfere with the pre-spun FSR that way. We suspect that the reason for the poor shot groupings on the mock suppressors is that the spinning FS round catches the suppressor's 4-5" of smooth bore differently on each shot. Sadly, neither of us has the high speed camera equipment necessary to really see what's happening.

Muzzel breaks that are short and have a very large bore size have also been doing well with similar groupings to just using a thread cover. Oddly enough ... the Lapco Dishka Thunder tip has also been getting very good groupings:
Lapco Dishka Thunder Tip - STR8Shot and BigShot Assault (Sadly though it doesn't holster well, so I haven't used it in a real game.)
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