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Bought Reloadro's old battle belt/chest rig and t8 mag holders, so I have a new platform.
I am a little smaller than Reloadro, so when I wear it, I wear it a little lower, around my waist, but I still wear it as a chest rig. I took off his 5 mag holder in order to fit my other pouches, but I can take off the ten round tube holder, move the dump pouch to the left side and have 9 mags on my rig, but 9 t8 mags are a little heavy.

The rig consists of:
Battle Belt by Reloadro
4 mag Flat front pouch by wtfpb
CO2 pouch custom by Moati
8 - 10 rd tube pouch custom by Moati
Medium dump pouch by McCann USA
Kydex holster by CQB

Also bought a lh full clip holster, but don't have space on the rig for another pistol, might buy a drop leg molle panel, and I still want to try the wtf puller rig, but that is a little more expensive.

Sorry my pictures are bad. My only camera is my phone and my phone's camera is pretty bad.
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