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Small update.

Sprayon LU200 Dry Moly spray lubricant works.

Here are the tests.

Specs: 40W Chinese laser set to maximum power
LMM Spray: Sprayon LU200 Dry Moly Lubricant
Speed: variable see notes below

Some "scribbles" as I forgot the key to the MoshiDraw program and could not engrave anything useful.

Image is too large and moves over the edge of the piece too far. This messes with the focal point and fouls up the engraving.
Speed: 10mm/sec, one pass
The image is removable with 10-15 strokes with Scotchbrite

Image has been resized.
Speed: 5mm/sec, one pass
The image is removable with 30-40 strokes with Scotchbrite :/

Same as previous image.
Speed: 1mm/sec, one pass
At 60 strokes, there is a very faint image remaining.

Same as previous image.
Speed: 3mm/sec, two passes.
This seems to produce a haze around the numbers, and I believe it has to do with the second pass. I am going to do a few more experiments.

Same image.
Speed: .5mm/sec one pass, on outline mode
Great image, but the durability is pretty bad. 35 strokes to erase image

Speed: 3mm/sec one pass outline mode
Good image, 40 strokes

Final tests...

Speed: 3mm/sec, two passes

After 60 strokes with Scotchbrite.

I think this is a winner.


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