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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Past saturday I ran with my SC viper in pistol form and a tac8, both in shoulder holsters.
I'll try and take some pics cause I forgot to ask anyone to do it for me. Really enjoyed that setup, and not as hot as I was with the other setups.

On my belt I had two wtf 10round capless shingles, my large dump pouch up front, an old pouch that held 2 tac8 mags and second dump pouch on my back that carried a camera for once I was out.

Techincally it was built off of this one, but a lot less gear.

here are two images from Camoguy's Helmet cam.

With my arms down it's kind of hard to see what's on my belt and I'm holding the SC viper pistol so that shoulder holster is flattened under my arm.

The shoulder holster's weren't even tied down to the belt and they held just fine. I didn't strap them in cause I like to remove the belt if I have a lot of capless tubes to refill.
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