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Are the newest pump markers even "pumps" anymore?

Well I was playing devil's advocate on another site, and I am starting to believe what I have been arguing
It seems like we are in the midst of a second pump arms race. Same idea as what happened early in the game when constant air and open class hoppers came to exist.
I am seeing more and more revvies, hitman mods, converted egos... etc.
At this point can the new pump markers be classified as pumps? Or are they mech semis? Instead of pulling the trigger with your right index finger (let's assume we are shooting right handed for a moment) on a mech semi, you are pulling the "trigger" with your left index finger on the pump. The trigger on the latest pump guns is just an obstacle that has to be held down so that the real trigger (pump handle) can be pulled.
Of course AT has been around a long time, but with modern internals and springing the pump stroke is lighter than that of a classic Automag's trigger pull.
In fact, many of the markers even have a trigger looking thing on the pump handle (think hitman mod).

What do you guys think about this rambling?
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