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They are claiming to manufacture the balls at a size of .686 +/- .003. No other ball can come close to making such claims in consistency and would at best be probably around +/- .005.

I have been following the paint for a very long time and have read or heard about everything that has been printed or recorded. Although the price still remains to be seen, the only known downfall of this paint is the weight of the balls. Most paint today falls between 2.8 grams and the ASTM maximum weight of 3.5 grams. Hydrotec is estimated to be 2.8 grams or so and therefore would theoretically have less effective range. However, the shell's breaking potential as well as the consistency may offset this light weight somewhat. No one except the HT people know for now.

For me, the resiliency of the shell to the elements and the shelf life are the biggest pluses for me. To have a ball that won't swell or dimple and will keep in storage for two years is huge! I go to great lengths when I store paint to keep it as fresh and round as possible and this paint will be a huge improvement over current paint in that regard.

Time will tell if it will be worth it. Price, performance, and how competitors react to this will dictate my future paint purchases. I was becoming very disenchanted with RPS paint and their ever-decreasing quality and size and have been counting on Hydrotec to alleviate these problems. However, with my recent induction to the Valken paintball fanclub, I find my reliance on Hydrotec to be a white knight to be less important. Redemption shoots better than any paint I have had in a long, long time!
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