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Ultra Sport Arms Patriot I Barrel

Hello all - I had a guy chip in an old Ultra Sport Arms Patriot marker with some gear I was buying.

The marker's in great condition, inside and out. I'm looking to use it as a loaner, but it's missing the barrel. It's basically a spyder clone, but a spyder barrel won't fit - the outer diameter of the barrel is too large. I'm hoping they copied another company and didn't have a proprietary barrel thread which is why I'm hoping someone knows if other barrels are compatible with this marker.

The inner diameter of the top tube is 3/4" exactly, and the inner threading runs 1/2" down the tube. The barrel can't fit further than 1" into the top tube because it would push against the ball detent.

So, the barrel must be exactly 3/4" (not including width of threads) and can't extend further than 1" total into the marker.

I know it's not much information to go on, and I don't have a camera on hand to give more info. Anyone have any ideas?
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