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I prefer the Dye over the Sly.
The Dye has a smaller profile and it leads to more shots on my jawbone but it breathes alot better then the Profit. When I am at big games/scenarios where I am wearing my mask for hours on end, I prefer a mask that breathes really well over anything else.
I sold off my Profit after a few months. It was nice for reffing but hard game play it was just not that great: really hot and damp. Also working in the shop I have seen a few quality control issues with the Profit (lens misalignment, foam pulling away from the mask, moisture in between the panes). Sly has been good with the issues and really good support for their product.

My personal favorite mask is my trusty Proflex. Nothing breathes like it, even though lens changes are a PITA.
The E-Flex is also an option if you can find it in stock at your local pro-shop. I am waiting patiently for my white one.

Hope that this helps.
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