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Well, it's a little bit more than that:

Unknown pubcrawling playing victim #1 got his head blown up. Instead of taking the walk he goes back with this incredulous display of incredulousness to the ref ( I imagine the conversation went like this, as I was half way across the field at the time, " Holy Sh!T, did you see that thing that hit me, it came out of no where. That can't be legal." and ref #2, not pictured by the way, goes "um no you have been killed, those gents over yonder have slain you with a first strike." to wit the unknown pubcrawling calls for a medic. Which would have been fine and dandy had he not moved from where he was killed in the first place. But he did, so the medic didn't count.) and then goes bunny hoping off into the bushes. I had to run across the field, lay out the rules and have the player yanked for not leaving the field when he was well and truly dead.

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