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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
If that's true maybe they've done a new version? I don't have the risers on hand yet, just going off of reviews I've been reading here on the forum. Seems there's tradeoffs between each (Tiberius and killjoy).

Either way, the tiberius riser is the one I'm going for due to the easier adjustment.
Let me just give you another point of view. I have used and own the Tiberius riser and both the Killjoy model 1 & 2. From my point of view it's not even a close call. The Killjoy 2 APR is the best hands down. It's easy to adjust and the lines they added on the back of the new one tell you exactly how high you are. It's also about half the weight of the Tiberius rail. The real problem with Tibetius's mount is that the ball bearing, click design means there is a bit of play in the rail. I talked to Eric at Tiberius the wobble thinking that I had a defective rail and he told me that because of the design there will always be a little movement in it.

If possible use or handle one before you buy.
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