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Originally Posted by Dougefreshe View Post
Now i gotta find a way to buy here without the wife knowing.
Im banned from ebay already. And she is getting close to
Banning cl.
Set up an offshore bank account.

Send a small (5 or so) percentage of your monthly income to this bank account.

Within a few months you'll have enough to buy some stuff.

Use google chrome.

Only open MCB in the "Incognito Window". This way you don't even have to worry about deleting browsing history.

Have items you've purchased sent somewhere that is not your residence--such as a parent's house, or a friend's house.

When the wife asks where you got it, tell her you found an ad on craigslist for "Free Paintball Gear". Make up a story that it was some woman that left her husband and he didn't take his gear, so she wanted to ditch it. But, she didn't know how to price it, so she just gave it away.

We tend to be experts here.

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