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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
How prone to jamming are reballs typically? I've never shot them and don't plan to, so that's not a factor in picking a loader. However, the shooting with this interesting rig was far from constant at X BPS on full auto. I see what they are doing, but it honestly wasn't overly convincing.
Reballs jams a lot, atleast those we have at our field. I have yet seen a stock rotor shoot more than 2-3 pods without jamming, and then they worked good. You have to pull the shark-fin all the time.

Rotors with seed kit installed works pretty good and I have a halo with smartguide TL that works flawless, but it eats batteries. Too bad Halos are a PITA to take apart, and much heavier than the others.

New reballs are less prone to jamming, so you'll have to test with old, dirty ones if you want the real results.

But when I play with reballs, I pay about $7 for a full day of play, shoot as much as you want and air included.
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