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So i just got my hands on a used S6 and while working over the marker i noticed that the pump rod doesnt snug into the guide plate when hole for the auto trigger is in the correct position. If i do snug it in the hole ends up vertical.

This wouldnt be an issue but the pump handle feels loose and sloppy when the pump rod isnt snug.

Whats the best course of action here? i was considering buying an EZ grip anyhow... would you expect that to fix it?

Forgive my noobness... im an automag guy in a cocker world!
Stick a small allen key into the hole in the pump rod and tighten up the rod till it is in the correct position. Don't forget the red loctite on that thread.

It is best to take it off the gun while you tighten the rod in the pump plate.

Tighten it up where you think it is straight then slide the the pump handle on the guide rods and see where the hole lines up. You can use the screw to see if the hole is in the correct position.
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