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Hah, I got some **** for you, man.

#1 recommendation without a doubt is Scuba, his stuff is nuts:

I just saw him at a little venue in Vancouver a few weeks ago and it was sweet. Will definitely see again!

#2 would be Burial, I just got into his stuff recently but it's excellent, very groovy and deep ambient house with a lot of other genres at play:

Also related though not strictly house genre, Four Tet is excellent, this collaborative track is pretty sweet:

edit: Also I should mention, Spanish DJ John Talabot just released his debut full length album, definitely fits in this genre, I dig it:

edit again: you guys like deadmau5, so you will probably also love Moguai (german electronica/house DJ), he is on mau5trap label now:

his latest album is ****ing rad.


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