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Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
So my favorite phantom has a rainman undercocking kit on it. Does that make it a "sniper"? Or is the fundamentals of how the internals work significantly different?

So CCM, Palmer, and a variety of converted autocockers are usually considered the great open class guns. While Phantoms and other nelsons tend to be better stock class guns?

What is a pump mag, and what is the advantage of that setup? Does anyone make new pump mags?
1. No your phantom with an undercocking kit is not a "sniper". Sniper is used to refer to Sheridan valve stacked tube pump guns, IE CCM, Empire Sniper.

2. A lot of people prefer Sheridan style guns because they are generally bigger and heavier, more steady, then Nelson style guns. I find this makes open class easier, I shoot a CCM S6. Nelson guns generally get better co2 effiency so they are prefered for stock class.

3. A pump mag is basically a broken Automag. There is a wave spring placed behind the bolt causing the gun not to reset. A pump handle is added to push the bolt back to lock it onto the sear. They basically have a pump stroke that has no resistance until the last 1/8th of an inch. They aren't made anymore, you can find pump kits around if you look. You do have to have your rail and body milled inorder for it to work, a channel for the pump rod is milled in the rail and a window in the body.

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