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Played for about three hours last night with my friends. We pre-ordered on Steam.
-Pre-order bonuses didn't go into effect, but there are fixes for those already.
-Environments are rich, beautifully done, and full of secrets.
-Badass system works incredibly well, much better than weapon skill leveling.
-UI menu is cool, but clunky and more work than the original.
-Enemies are awesome so far, and the story moves along at a good pace.
-Careful about any actions that may occur during the story recordings, as me and my friends have lost some dialogue with someone, including NPCs, doing something and interrupting it.
-The guns are freaking awesome. There's so many types it's insane. One friend ended up with a machine gun that shot rockets, I got a pistol that shoots double fire rounds and toss like a grenade when you reload, as well as some sort of grenade launching chain gun.

Totally worth the $40, and I can't wait to see the 5th character and other bonuses.

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