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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
Just play like always - you will be fine.

1) Never go toe to toe with an electro. i always do when i play speedball, used my phantom for years, now i have my t2. held my own well on the field against d1 - d3 players from my local fields
2) Let them forget about you - and kill. this helps a lot.... play opossum if you will and pretend you are not much due to your pump, and then kill them
3) Rely on your snap shooting skills - then you can kill - if you can't - GET BETTER. this! practice it, harness it... BE it!
4) Never come out of the same spot too many times - play all edges of the bunker (except the top - and even that can be played now and again). this
5) Don't think your AT makes you an electro - it doesn't. Shoot lanes with it off the break - and shoot people in the open with it - other than that - forget it. never rely on your AT. Follow what TF says

You will get it.

Just my input based upon what TF said. Just don't get intimidated and never hesitate (this goes for regardless of what you are shooting at the time)
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