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Originally Posted by walace View Post
Dear Dukie, Dsg are arrived at home today.. First impression after mounting him are just amazing... Design, functionality, technical and mechinal parts checked, it's really a beautifull things!!! I will tested him tomorrow i think but it's a ****ing good job...
Little question? The sytem of charge are a kind of longbow magazine or stuff like that, it's a simple system but really just perfectly thinking and perfectly realised!!

thanks a lot!!

What was the little question?

Originally Posted by sniipelite View Post
I received my DSG today, my god, it's really beautiful. *_*
Dukie Congratulations, you're an artist, respect.
Hate testing involved.


New hammers in today! 5 more ready to sell as of monday. then i get to go back to my real job on tuesday i think!
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