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FOR SALE ONLY - Merlin, Matrix, EtekMag, PneuMag, Classic Mag, Spyder


I will try and describe the guns as much as possible, please let me know if you have any questions about anything. Sorry for the upside-down pics, I'm trying to get those fixed.

Prices include shipping to lower 48. Prices DO NOT include insurance. I will ship internationally, I will pay for first $10 of shipping cost, buyer will pay the rest. All guns sold as-is.

Merlin AutoCocker - $400

I got this as a raw project body. I have never seen a body like this before, I don't know much about the milling, other than that it is unique. Feedneck was tapped by Jared at DC. AKA clamping feedneck, AKA aluminum lightning bolt, AKA 2-Liter (scratches on the chrome), AKA pump arm, AKA internals, Palmer's Full size rock, Palmer's Quicker Ram, ShockTech Bomb 3-Way (small leak from 3-way sometimes, could probably use some new o-rings), Professional trigger frame, ShockTech trigger/trigger pant, Smart Parts 1/4 turn on/off. Anodized matte black at ATMF. Body was drilled for Sandridge eyes when I got it. There is a small ano blem by the eye screw holes, also a tiny bit of pitting in the ano (shown in photos). This is the smoothest cocker I've ever shot. In full disclosure, I haven't really played with it too much, and I don't know if it was the paint, the timing or my inability to pull the trigger correctly, but I had problems with chopping with this gun.

Original Matrix - $200

This gun is in excellent condition. There are a couple of small ano nicks, but nothing deep. Has working eyes, locking feedneck. Body is gloss black, breech is matte black. Gen 2 Black Bolt, AKA SCM, Evil HPR, Delrin (I think) trigger, push button on/off. I'm sorry I don't remember which board is in it. I can find out. I have never played a game with this, I've only dry fired and shot a couple of hoppers through it. This thing is crazy fast.

EDIT: This will also come with a large replacement o-ring set, a set of blue Dye grips (similar to those on there already), and another LPR.

Also, the board in there is a Tadao 1.1.

Incomplete EtekMag - $400

All this gun needs is a valve. ULE body, CCM Feedneck, rail has front pocket milled between frame and vert asa where the SCM noid is hidden. Everything was done by me (except the rail milling, it was like that when I got it). This is the second EtekMag I have built, as well as three other pneumags. Etek 2 Frame/Board. I have never played a game with this gun, I have only dry fired and put a couple of hoppers through it. You will most likely need an RT/X Valve with RT on/off or ULT. I tested it with an RT Valve with RT on/off and it works great. I put a classic valve in there and I couldn't get it to fire, I will leave that up to you though. You will need a new screw for the valve, the field strip screw will not work unless the frame is modified more. Some marking on the vert asa.

PneuMag - $250

Needs a valve, RT sear, and LPR needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Aurora Etek Frame, standard pneumag components from Mag79, mag-mod. MSV-2 is triggered directly by the trigger. There is a plastic plate that the pneus mounted on. Will include other side of grips. Vert asa is raw. I was supposed to get a sear from someone, but he's gone MIA, if I ever get it, it will be sent to the buyer. Add $25 for one of the twist-lock barrel shown with the classic mag below. I have never played a game with this gun, only dry fired and shot some reballs through it. Pneus will probably need to be tuned.

Classic Mag - $145

Comes with your choice of one of the barrels shown. Add $25 for the other barrel. No Grips, BenchMark/PTP 45 Frame (trigger guard cut for double trigger), Benchmark 4-Grip. ASA was a little bit finicky when I gassed it up today. You have to screw the tank in fast or else it doesn't seal correctly, may just be my tank, may need to be replaced. Otherwise, no leaks, cycles fine. Level 7. Markings on body from a sight rail. Other markings on rail.

Spyder Shutter - $60

Includes Dye Barrel. Chrome flaking on foregrip and sight rail. Gun held air and cycled last time I aired it up, I have no idea about the functionality of the gun past that.

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