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pgp 2kI not quite mint SOLD

So picked this up recently on CL. It was gunked up and I think the previous own had lubed it with vaseline (yeah). Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'm the first one to ever take this gun apart.

Work I did:
1. I did a complete tear down except the cartridge valve. Removed all goop and paint (maybe a few specs here and there in the handle grooves).
2. Polished the middle tube with brasso so no paint inside anywhere a ball or bolt will make contact.
3. quick polish in the bottom tube where the hammer is.
4. reassembled and oiled with Palmer's synthetic lube.
5. aired it up and dry fired. Works fine w/ no leaks. I have not chronoed it.

result: pumps really nice
Issues: I swapped the retaining pin on the plastic speed feed from a different pgp so it isn't actually the original. The real issue is that the orange fiber optic sights have been bent slightly up as you can see in the pictures below. Otherwise you can see that I removed the pin holding the bolt together, slight scuff.

Price: $75 shipped obo
barrel plug included


My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.

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