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Originally Posted by 808Jackal View Post
Love the Phantom footage! That a mini-raincover on the end of your barrel? Haven't seen one of those in a long time. What color is that anyway? Not quite gold...
Its honestly like a gold orange. Really weird color. Sometimes gold sometimes orange. And yes a hastings raincover.

Originally Posted by russc View Post
Looks like a Hastings raincover.
Hastings it is. Thanks for the sub BTW! And one of the guys at the field mentioned to Greg Hastings that I had one of the raincovers, and so the gent approached me that hastings wanted to buy it off me. I told him it better be a tall offer for me to part with it haha. And Russc i just wanna say, Love your vids man. I am thinking about picking up a beater bolt action nelson to one ball at the field with.
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