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Originally Posted by s151990 View Post
ccm photographer, if u mean the ones with bright magenta names, they are the e-tech guns. available for all gun types, they r more like laser/energy weapons. some ive found r cool, some kinda suck. example of cool: gunstocked homering dart. pistol with stock, dbl drum mag on side, holo sight, and shot what looked like pixelated flames that homed on nearest enemy when hipfired, and when scoped could target enemies. was fun while it lasted. (only 76 dmg)
Both of these rifles shoot what appears to be ricocheting lasers. One's a slag and the other is corrosive and they both shoot purple and green, respectively. I thought all E-tech weapons shoot purple / neon purple, maybe that's not the case.

They do look quite different than other weapons though. Both have the same barrel and I haven't seen the barrel on any other weapon, so I'm guessing it's an E-tech barrel. They both have custom skins (metallic silver, and hexagon carbon) and they also have drum magazines. Drum magazines that only hold 3 bullets meh. -_-

The damage shown in the infocard is pretty good but in testing I found they do less damage than my common rifles.

I didn't know that E-tech was a different shade of purple.. I'll have to check them out later. Thanks for the info.
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