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Pump & Pistols, Sun Oct 21st, Paintball Depot.

Shooting towards getting a pump and pistols group at paintball depot.

Figure a change of venue.

It will be Sunday, October 21st. I believe if we have a ceartain number of players we get a free case of paint. At least they used too. No info on their site for it, so I am gonna call. If they do still do it, everyone playing pump / pistols, would have enough paint for free to play all day. I will stop at the local store and talk to Dave, and see what he says.

At any rate, you don't use a lot of paint so it won't cost too much.

It's also only $20 which is a good price.

Same rules. (if we can get a group)

Pump or pistol only.
Pistols can be semi, limit of 10 balls in feed tube etc.
Auto triggers are allowed.

We can also do stock only games, if enough people have stock class guns.
Limited paint as well. 10 ball, or 50 round max.

What ever else we come up with that sounds fun and challenging.

If you are interested, post, and mark your calender, and do what you have to do to be there.
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