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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
I actually cut through a 1/2inch hardened steel bike lock when I lost the key. It took 15 minutes and half a cutting disc, but it was a breeze.
Hit a stump with my riding lawnmower, bent the steel blade guard up and back so far it wouldn't allow the blades to spin anymore. When I looked at it, I thought for sure it was toasted (It was made in like the 90s, but it was free.) Ended up heading to lowes and buying a pack of the twist lock cutting wheels and grinding disks. Cutting wheel was a no go. The angle was too awkward, and it just wouldn't work. Plus, I had no idea how to take off the deck of the mower. But I put on a grinding disk and it gave me a good response. Two hours and two grinding disk later, presto! 4 inches of steel no longer in the way. Like others have said, don't buy a cordless one, you'll find yourself much more irrated by it.
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