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I I find that when I relate things back to english I lose the essence of it. Especially a language like Mandarin that shares literally no similarities to english at all. That being said, english isn't even really my "first" language, I've been learning french since I was 4 so I can use either interchangeably.

I like to use the Helen Keller approach. Find tangible things or parts of conversation and relate them to the actual object or thing. Makes for faster learning imo. I found Dora The Explorer in spanish so far

@Rymzor No point buying or Y'arrr-ing the Rosetta Stone, I'm already paying to learn Mandarin and German at school 6 credits each, not too shabby. Spanish I'm learning 100% for free. Well, I guess she has a place to stay...but still totally worth it.
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Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.

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