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That time of year again - Nov B-Day Game at AG - Pump and Pistol Play

What days work out for the best for folks? Folks can vote on what day will work best for them, and we'll set it up.

I figure pump and pistol play. Whatever class pump, and pistols (limited magazine semi auto or other pump pistols), will be allowed too.

Hell, we can even do a pistol only game for those that bring them. It would be better to do a splatty only event, but let's just have fun and do what we can.

AG has always been more than good to us. Just need to let them know what day.

Depending on temperature, we can do some after party stuff there, or back at my place as usual... I'm up for anything.

Pick a Nov day that works best for you. Going to do our best to have the day that accommodates most.

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