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I haven't handled one yet, but I am assuming that the three small ports are a direct from regulator to the oblong o-ring on the top - this feeds the supply to the dump chamber. The other two are a feed to the solenoid - also from the reg, and the solenoid connection to the rear port which cycles the firing piston.


Page 19 in the manual has sort of a flow diagram. Reg goes to the front port on the top (oblong) which feeds both the firing chamber and the solenoid. One of the three on the front is for that connection, and another for the firing piston. Not sure what the third is for.
Right. the #010 (oblong) is the input from the reg to the front part of the bolt, while the #007 (normal o-ring) feeds the rear portion of the bolt.
I'm trying to figure out which small hole is for what one, I'm assuming the 3rd is for an exhaust/some sort of vent.

Hard to do this since I don't have an etha

this is the reason why I want to figure this out;

that's assuming middle one is exhaust, but this is why I want to know.
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