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Although circumstances kept me from playing, I was there Saturday night night, Sunday morning & again Sunday afternoon.
The Saturday cookout was great. The dog loved the fish CraigO left within reach and I gave out at least 4 lbs of venison flank to people with grills.
Ambers' pumpkin squares deserve special mention ~ Tasty +++!!
Bucky took charge of the firepit & had it going well before I arrived and still crankin when I left around midnight. I heard it kept going several hours past that.
Sunday morning there were lots of stockplayers gearing up, and some old friends who were not there to play - One friend came all the way out knowing he would not play, just came to meet with some of the best folk playing & enjoy the cameraderie.
I had to leave early to go do my theatrical gig, but not before loaning out one marker and a 12g changer. I got both back from CraigO when I returned just after 3.
Of course, by the time I got back everyone other than moongod had already left.

I did speak with James O'Grady. It was not spoken outright but I had the impression that from a business standpoint, there is more going into the field than coming out.
Todays economy makes it hard to stay open under those conditions.
They may not even do the Toys For Tots this year unless they get more support from the players.
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