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DM9 Setup for sale only

1-I will not ship first.
2-Do Not Flame. Flaming=Reported
3-My guns are in 100% working condition
4-I ship USPS Priority Flat Rate insured for trade value or amount you payed. Anything else it's extra on you.
5-I only pay in paypal but will accept M.O., checks, cash and paypal.
7-Free Ups are appreciated and will be returned!!!

At asking price, will come with a black proshield with an og flex frame! Lens and hard ears are included but no strap.

The deal that I went through to get this dm9 was hell and I want it gone so someone is getting a steal. It is fresh to death back from dye, tuned and teched and shooting great but I just dont have it in my heart to keep it. The gun is in good condition, the body I would give an 8.5-9/10. The grips are in great condition, the trigger is something custom but it is really nice on the fingers. I also have a delrin scythe trigger that I can include. T22 version Lucky 15 2 piece barrel in dust black finish (0.692) . Lucky produced these barrels for only one year and the milling of the back piece were designed with the help of a pro player (don't know which ones on top of my head right now) that were sponsored by lucky at the time. There were I think 3 different milled backs the T22, H2k, the other one I forgot the name. The one I am selling is the T22 with the clear/silver/whatever color thats called front. These barrels were made in a limited run and this is the the only one of 2 that I have seen being sold BUT the only one with the front piece being sold with it. The barrel is in 9/10 condition with just a few scratches you get from playing. I never really played with this barrel so why bother in keeping it. Pictures below. Also included is a tank, 45/45 crossfire born on 4/08 so you have some time left on it. All I want is $515 and this setup is all yours.

On another note, I am selling to have money for a new buy so I DO NOT WANT TRADES!! If you do wish to offer a trade, I would be interested in a Rail or other low end newer guns. I do not want your ions or old crap. New low ends or pumps will be considered but, and this is the key point, any trade offer must come with an absolute bare minimum of $300 cash.

Gun: Red/Black DM9
Price: $515
Problems: screw hole in back of frame was dremeled but no other issues
Upgrades: Lucky T22 Barrel
Included in sale price: Jt black pro-shield (all parts except strap), Spare trigger, 45/45 tank, case, generic barrel bag

I like paintball.....

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