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I think there should be 2 different "pump" deffinitions.

#1. tournament "pump"
Must manually recock your marker with a stroke greater than or equal to 1 ball
Includes Phantoms, cockers, MQ, eframed sears, etc

#2. pump day "pump"
Manual manipulation of your marker to reset it before it can fire.
Including, but not limited to, Pneumatic Assist (1/8" stroke), Pump Mag (wave spring length), Lever Action, Manual Agitated Hoppers (push button on a cyclone feed, fin on a rotor, possibly a rip drive on a halo), trapdoor feedneck where you have to slide a block out of the way to let 1 ball through (guy at a pump day, sooo funny to watch) etc

ie in a tourny it has to be fair, stroke distance is important, in a pump day who cares!
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