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Originally Posted by cougar20th View Post
The thing that bugs me the most is the drivers incompetence. Once he was in the grapes he should have stopped. Rally courses are always lined with spectators.
I would have to disagree with you on every point.

The whole point of rally racing is to use public roads, well beyond speeds that they were designed for. Accidents happen.... and are expected. Every driver expects to go off the road during a rally.

-Every- Rally spectator knows that watching a Rally race is extremely dangerous, and they should take full responsibility for that choice. Rally spectators tend to be the thrill seeker type.

And what is the main difference between a rally race in America verses everywhere else? The America, they do NOT allow Rally spectators to be anywhere near the road, or corners, or in any area where there is the slightest chance a car might come near. Obviously afraid of lawsuits from idiot spectators.

How is the driver incompetent? He wants to win. It shows great nerve to stay under power while sliding off the road. If every rider had to "stop the race" when going off the road, nobody would finish. I've seen lots of rally races where the driver FLIPPED his car into the woods, rolled it over, and kept going. Thats racing.

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