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"I'm hauling @ss"

Hell yeah.

Also, helmet cam, shows him stabilizing from the flat spin:

And, unfortunately the balloon height record is not likely to be an official ballooning record, as regulations require that you land with your balloon for it to be official. Still, an amazing accomplishment in any light.

From Wikipedia (

1966— Amateur parachute jumper Nicholas Piantanida (USA) reached 123,800 feet (37,643 m) with his Strato Jump II balloon but due to being unable to disconnect his oxygen line from the main capsule's feed he was forced to detach the balloon from the capsule, abort the jump and return in the capsule without the balloon. Due to his glove's design, he was also unable to reattach his safety harnessess and endured very high G forces but survived the descent. Piantanida's ascent is not recognized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale as a balloon altitude world record.
(Incidentally, Piantanida died on his follow up attempt to skydive from space, suit decompression at 60,000 feet.)

2012—14 October – Felix Baumgartner in Red Bull Stratos set the record for highest manned balloon flight of 128,176 feet (39,068m) near Roswell, New Mexico, USA.[citation needed] This has not yet been confirmed by the FAI and is thus not yet an 'official' record (which would require returning in the balloon, not just jumping or returning in the capsule alone, see Nicholas Piantanida).

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